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          The aging of our nation has brought with it a new class of victim – the elderly. One only need look at the daily newspaper to find another story about an elderly person who was taken advantage of by a con artist. 

          The aging of America has also resulted in the proliferation of thousands of “adult care” facilities. While there are many reputable care facilities across the country, the good ones all seem to have waiting lists. Patients suffer from bedsores, from malnutrition and dehydration, they are given the wrong prescriptions, their care is handed over to untrained, unsupervised staff, and they are taken financial advantage of.

          Properly drafted documents can give a senior the peace of mind by knowing his survivors will know what to do when he is no longer able to tell them.  But properly drafted documents cannot always avoid the horror of elder abuse.

          We offer the following services to assist you in protecting your loved ones and their legacies:


                              Living Wills

                              Durable Power of Attorney

                              Probate Administration



                              Elder Abuse Litigation

                              Nursing Home Abuse Litigation

          If you are a senior who needs to put his affairs in order, or if you are an adult child that wants to protect his parent or loved one, contact us. We can make a difference.

          Contact us online, or call us at (907) 486-1049.