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Welcome to my Practice. 

          Hiring a lawyer is serious business.  It requires a clear head.  When you hire a lawyer, you agree to put your life, or the lives of your loved ones in his care.  You are making a decision to spend thousands of dollars of your money to do it.  Those are not decisions to be taken lightly.

          But let’s face it.  Most people hire lawyers only after they are in crisis of some sort.  That is not the best time to make clear headed decisions.  My clients come to me for important reasons.  Some of my clients may be in crisis when they see me for the first time.  I try to keep that in mind and treat my clients cordially, respectfully, and with a dash of humor when appropriate. I try to make seeing a lawyer as rewarding as possible while keeping in mind the impact that the relative emotional and/or financial cost of legal services can impose upon my clients. 

          When you retain me as your attorney, the first thing I will do is listen to you.  I want to know what your concerns are so that I can best serve you. I will discuss the law with you as it relates to the facts of your particular situation. I will help you develop realistic expectations and a plan of action to realize those expectations.

          I strongly believe that clients should be kept advised of what is happening in their case.  After all, it is their life or business that I am representing.  I do that by writing legal documents in clear, understandable language. I do that by keeping clients informed with copies of all correspondence and documents.  I consult with clients before all important decisions are made. I handle each client’s case as efficiently and economically as possible.

          Sometimes economics or emotional concerns dictate the way in which a case is handled.  Negotiation is frequently the most prompt and efficient means of reaching your goal. However, if settlement is not possible, I will pursue your case aggressively. 

          I represent clients throughout Alaska and from all across the United States in Alaska courts. I would like to be your Alaska lawyer. If you have any questions you can contact me on line, or simply call me at (907) 486-1049.